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12th Annual London Burlesque Festival 2018❤️

Such a great nights at 12th annual @londonburlesquefestival 💗

I was very happy to be able to join in this festival again.

I could meet a beautiful performers! Stage crews were great! Venue was beautiful and historical place.

And, Audiences!! Oh my good! really really great #energy had and #powerful#cheers! Great!

Thank you very much for @chazroyal & @bettyroseroyal to choose me for this year again❗️Love💗💗💗


素敵な夜でした🌉 12年目を迎える #ロンドンバーレスクフェスティバル❗️



今年で三年連続で #ヘッドライナー を務めさせて頂きました。これもひとえにディレクターである @chazroyal と @bettyroseroyal が選んでくれたからこそ❗️感謝💖

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