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UmA WON!!!!!!!!!!!

I won the Burlesque Bunny Competition 2015 at Edmonton Burlesque Festival in Edmonton, Canada!! I also received Best Costume! Thank you very much for the team of ‪#‎edmontonburlesquefestival‬ , a stagehand and the person concerned, performers and the all audiences!!!

from UmA ShAdow

以下UmA StAffより


怒涛のカナダ、ヨーロッパツアー、一発目、Edmonton burlesque festivalにて!全ての部門の中の総合で一位、見事優勝致しました!更に最優秀コスチューム賞もダブルで受賞!アジア人が優勝はこの大会でお初らしいです。歴史を刻みました笑。MCでは、boylesque今年デビューだよ?信じられない、と言われたらしいです。次のコンペはworld burlesque game! その前にberlin burlesque festivalでshow case!

Go go UmA ShAdow!! 感動をありがとう、そしておめでとう!!

UmA won the Burlesque Bunny Competition at Edmonton Burlesque Festival ! First Festival in Canada and European tour!! It is the first place by the synthesis in all sections! Besides, the best costume prize wins too! He is a first Asian who won this competition . In mc, does he boylesque a debut this year? It seemed to be said that it was unbelievable. The next competition is World Burlesque Game in Toronto. Also appear at Berlin Burlesque Festival before that! Go go UmA ShAdow!! Thank you, and congratulations for an impression!!!


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