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I Got as a 1st Place Winner International Newcomer of World Burlesque Games 2015!!!

I was able to win the World Burlesque Games 2015 - International Newcomer Crown through many incidents.

When I applied, I just made my debut as a Boylesque Dancer and was oneself nameless. At first, I would like to say thank you very much for Chaz Royal (Mark Henderson )who is the producer that to gave me a chance to perform this festival.

And, I could on the stage where was with everybody of the Burlesque performer which fought with the semifinals, and the finals. Really proud. All of you were splendid in the truth that who was able to win the WBG finals. I was able to enjoy performance with them.

Crew and MC, they were professional. And Audiences were to make a good emotions. I performed really comfortably and am full of the feelings of thanks. As for all of you whom I supported, thank you.

I want to do the performance that can be excited at everybody from now on without contenting itself with this result.

Finally. My wife Hibari Waseda which is the best producer and teaches many things as a Boylesque dancer. And beloved daughter Inaha which I supported at any time! Thanks you guys!


World Burlesque Games 2015 沢山のハプニング(衣装や小道具ロスバケ事件など)











最後に。ボーイレスクダンサーとして、沢山の事を教えてくれた、最高のプロデューサーであるHibari Waseda と、いつどんな時も応援してくれたいなはに。ありがとう!!

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