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Burlypicks World Championship Final!! and received title of Burlesque Bitch of 2016!

Thank you very much for gave me your vote for FAN FAVORITE in the 2016 BURYPICKS.

I'm really appreciate it.

I could win Fan Favorites Contest, winner of the Burlesque People's Choice Awards! and received title of Burlesque Bitch of 2016!

And I was able to have a big chance in my hand on the cooperation of all of you.

Advanced to Burlypicks World Championship Finals!!! I will try to my best performance in FINAL!!!

Thank you again!!!

UmA ShAdow この度は、いいね!での応援をして頂いて、本当に有難う御座いました。 皆様のお陰で、Fan Favorite Contest を1位通過し、Burlesque People's Choice Awardsを受賞致しました。 また、Burlesque Bitch of 2016のタイトルを頂くと共に、Burlypicks World Championship Finals への出場が決定致しました。 Final Stageでは、観客の皆様が楽しんで頂ける様、邁進して参ります。 この度は、皆様のお力添えのお陰で、大きなチャンスを手にいたしました。本当に有難う御座いました! 馬A車道

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