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Thank you very much for my lovely guys! I'm very happy to see you guys and so much proud of share this event with !!!

I was able to enjoy returning to my childhood as I had time slipped in my high school days.

I would like to perform you guys again!

@paburlesque, Thank you very very much for holding this wonderful event! I was able to have a great time! I can't say anything. Could just say thank you. Love this event 💕 Proud so much!!!

Performers, you guys are super powerful and so sweet. Love you guys. Thank you very much. I'm missing you so much. Love💋

Crew and supporters, they were so nice!! And Audiences were to make a good emotions! I performed really comfortably and am full of the feelings of thanks.

See you in August at The 8th Annual Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival!!!

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