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#25, 21 Century Burlesque Top 50 2021 !!!!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

2022年度、最初のスーパーサプライズ 21st Centry Burlesque Presents, Burlesque TOP 50 2021で日本人で初めてノミネートされました!!!

ランクインするなんて、夢にも思っていなかったので、ただただビックリ 世界中のバーレスクパフォーマーから25位にランクインするなんて、心臓が飛び出るくらいびっくりしてます!!! 自分に正直に活動してきて良かったです✨



Special Thanks: @hibarbal @switchy_world

***************************************** The first super surprise of the year!!!

I'm the first Japanese to be nominated for the 21st Century Burlesque Presents, Burlesque TOP 50 2021!!!

I️ never dreamed of being ranked, so I️ was just so surprised✨ To be ranked #25 out of all the burlesque performers in the world, my heart just skipped a beat!!!

I'm so glad that I've been honest with myself in my activities💘

Thank you very much for everyone who supported me!

I will be showing a lot of shows that you can enjoy this year as well, so I appreciate your continued support!

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