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Bohemian Burlesque Festival 2022

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Czech Republic

Will be performing at Bohemian Burlesque Festival

A beautiful country, the Czech Republic, where I worked hard for several years until I had a child

My home was the Severoceske Divadlo Opery a Baletu @severoceskedivadlobalet , but I had a connection, and the memories of performing at opera and theaters all over the Czech Republic are like yesterday.

It's like a dream to be able to dance here again! Please be intoxicated with burlesque this weekend.

Do not miss it


Bohemian Burlesque Festival に出演致します!

子供ができるまでの数年間、切磋琢磨した美しい国、チェコ共和国 ホームは北チェコ歌劇場だったけど、縁あって、チェコ中の歌劇場で公演した思い出が、まるできのうのようで

また再びこの地で踊れるのが夢のようです! 今週末は是非、バーレスクに酔いしれてください

Photo: @liggicphoto

Video @gukkertova

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