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Dutch Burlesque Festival 2022

Well done! @dutchburlesquefestival

Thank you for the wonderful time! I was happy to be able to dance again in Holland. There were many members who reunion after a long time, and it was a wonderful and harmonious exchange. Thank you to the directors @violet_moonshine & @zizi.zinnona who planned it, the sound and lighting staff, the stage manager, the kitten, the venue, and the audience who rushed to see us

The wonderful artist @koeskomo who drew the picture (4th picture) this time, I had him draw it at a different festival 7 years ago! (5th picture)

How wonderful to draw in such a short time while performing!

とても素敵な時間を有難うございました! オランダの地でふたたび踊ることが出来て嬉しかったです。


企画して下さったディレクター陣、音響やライティングのスタッフ、ステージマネージャーやkitten の方々、そして、会場と、駆けつけてくれた観客の皆様に感謝



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