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R.I.P icon of the burlesque world, Tempest Storm


ラスベガスに住んでいた時は、家から車で3分くらいの所に住んでおられて、近隣で行われるイベントやショーでは顔を合わす事も多く、Switchy World での取材でも沢山お話しもして頂いて、悲報を知った時は本当にショックで気持ちを整理することにしばらく時間がかかりました。


On my birthday, the great icon of the burlesque world, Tempest Storm, left for heaven.

When I lived in Las Vegas, she lived about 3 minutes by car from my apartment, and often meet at events and shows in the neighborhood.

When I learned the sad news, I was really shocked and it took me a while to sort out my feelings. It's hard to put into her words, but she will fascinate many people even in the sky.

Love you so much.

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