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Royal Burlesque Stand Up!

Royal Burlesque Stand Up!

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready? Next show is Poland!

The captivating Polish burlesque scene. Don't miss this opportunity!

Tickets are now on sale

Date&Time: 9/11/2022 19:30~

Location: XOXO Party, Marii Konopnickiej 6, Warszawa

みなさま、準備はよろしいかい? お次のショーはポーランド!

魅惑のポーランドのバーレスクシーン。 この機会に是非!


日時: 9/11/2022 19:30~

場所: XOXO Party, Marii Konopnickiej 6, Warszawa

___Królowa prowadząca___

Nathalie Sonnenschine

___Królowa rock burleski____

Furia di Velour

____Król japońskiej burleski____

Uma Shadow

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