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Sacre Burlesque Festival 2022

Thank you very much for great night! @sacre_burlesque_festival

I am very honored to be able to meet such wonderful performers.

I heard that champagne is just like water in Champagne region , but I drank it like I was taking a shower! I think the directors had a very difficult time, but thanks to you, all the performers were able to grow and the audience was able to meet various styles of burlesque. It was a really great night! Thank you!

本当に素晴らしいパフォーマーに出会えて、とても光栄です。 シャンパーニュ地方ではシャンパンは水のようなものと聞いていましたが、われ、シャワーを浴びるように飲んでいました!


本当に最高の夜でした! ありがとうございました!

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