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馬A車道めかぶ寿のUMAV MECA SHADOWが始動します!



このテスト撮影を世に思い切って出してみることに、そしてヨーロッパ最大級の世界大会、Would Burlesque Games2021のFinalistに選んでいただきました!

11/1から投票が始まります! 是非楽しんで下さい! そして清き一票を(何票でも)!

UmA ShAdow Mekabu Kotobuki's UMAV MECA SHADOW will start!!!

Two years ago, in order to perform in a real show that was supposed to be held at a certain place, we had a meeting on the day of the show and made a material video, a fantastic performance that was put on hold due to a pandemic.

It was a fantastic performance that was put on hold due to the pandemic. We tried to put it together, but due to the corona disaster, We couldn't get it done, and now it's something We have been saving up.

We decided to take the plunge and present this test piece to the world, and it was selected as a finalist for the Would Burlesque Games 2021, one of the largest world competitions in Europe!

Voting starts on November 1st! We hope you enjoy it, and give us your vote (any vote)!

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