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UmA ShAdow - A車道

( Unidentified Mysterious Animal's Shadow )

International multi award-winning Boylesque Dancer


#29, 3 x 21 Century Burlesque Top 50

Performing around the world 🌏

Headliner at London Burlesque Festival, Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival, Oslo Burlesque Festival

Futura-O-Rama, Burlesque du Port, Kuroneko Burlesque Salon, After Party Tokyo, RENAISSANCE MEN,  etc.

He began participating in the festival as a judge for competition from 2017.

In 2015, He won the 1st place in The World Burlesque Games as an  International Newcomer Crown 

and 1st prize & best costume award in Edmonton Burlesque Festival.


In 2016, He appeared Chaz Royal's 10th London Burlesque Festival as a Headliner

and won the 1st Place-Crystal Corset Award at The 7th Annual Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival,

King of Burlesque at The 5th Annual San Antonio Burlesque Festival,

King of Great Southern Exposure and Most Glamorous at The 7th Great Southern Exposure 

and as well as 1st place winner at The 4th Annual Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival.

He also got a 1st runner-up at World Burlesque Games 2016 - Category : World Crown,

 1st Runner-Up at The 2nd Annual Golden Legend Champion Challenge,

Most Theatrical at The 3rd Annual Arizona Burlesque Festival, 

Most Original at Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival and Best Costume at Texas Burlesque Festival.

And at Burlypicks World Championship, He won The Burlesque People's Choice Award ;

Burlesque Bitch of 2016 and won the Bronze Medal - Best Overall in 2016.

​In 2017, He has awarded a WORLD CROWN at World Burlesque Games 2017,

Golden Legend Champion at Golden Legend Champion Challenge 2017,

Best Soloist at Great Burlesque Exposition, 

Rising Star of The West (1st Prize) at Galway Burlesque Festival in Ireland,

1st Place and Master of Amazement at Burlypicks World Championship Utah Regional in USA and

The Burlesque People's Choice Award 2017 ( Winning the second consecutive year )

and Best Dancer at Burlypicks World Championship, Final Round.

And also he awarded First Generation of Mr. Pin-Up Perfection 2017 in USA.​​


He got a King of Festival 2018 ( 1st Place Winner ) at New Zealand Burlesque Festival in 2018 and King of Slavic Burlesque Festival 2020 ( 1st Place Winner) at Slavic Burlesque Festival in 2020, Solid Gold Choice Award at Burlypicks 2020 and 2nd runner-up at Barcelona Burlesque and Meeting Festival.

In 2021, He became the first Japanese to be ranked in the 21 Century Burlesque top 50.(#25)

Also, tried for the Duet with Mecav Kotobuki first time,

and participated in the World Burlesque Games 2021 as a duet.
(1st runner-up :Viewers Choice)

 From 2021, a project with a burlesque performer representing the next generation


Was launched with event organizer Hibari.

Broadcasting once a month to send energy from Japan!

In 2022, ranked 25th in the 21 Century Burlesque Top 50.

And in 2023, He was ranked 18th, 29th in 2024 for the third consecutive year.

He is the first Japanese male or female to be ranked in this ranking.

Also in 2023, he won the title of Dance Captain - Best on the Floor at the Silver Tusk Burlesque Award.

He appeared “ NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation ” “ Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation “

and “ Zip-FM Inc.” for his achievements as a extraordinary dancer

who plays an active part overseas performance.

As a Ballet and Contemporary dancer, he has worked at several company in the USA and was former Soloist at Krakow Opera in Poland / leading artist at Polish Dance Theater in Poland and

North Bohemian Theatre Opera and Ballet in Czech Republic who 

received Diploma of top-ranking at the Best Ballet Company in Czech Republic in 2008. 


Also experienced for choreography, design, direction, and performance

for a representative of Japan at Miss International Queen 2007.

He worked as a  back up dancer for numerous singers, including at  The Music Awards 2005

at Las Vegas, USA concert tour, TV Show as a freelance around USA and JAPAN.

UmA ShAdow ~馬A車道~ / Boylesque ~ボーイレスク~ / うましゃどう TRUNCATE THE FIXED CONCEPT
UmA ShAdow ~馬A車道~ / Boylesque ~ボーイレスク~ / うましゃどう TRUNCATE THE FIXED CONCEPT
UmA ShAdow ~馬A車道~ / Boylesque ~ボーイレスク~ / うましゃどう TRUNCATE THE FIXED CONCEPT
UmA ShAdow ~馬A車道~ / Boylesque ~ボーイレスク~ / うましゃどう TRUNCATE THE FIXED CONCEPT
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