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OMG!OMG!OMG!!!!! I can’t believe it!!! I got a 1st prize as a World Crown @worldburlesquegames 2017!!! Dreams came true! ㊗️㊗️㊗️

I had my passport and green card stolen by someone last month and I did not know that I could participate this time. Finally, I could come but to catch up, my luggage didn’t come until this morning...... it was super worry ....

However, this competition was very important for me and I wanted to compete absolutely. Especially the World Crown was my dream. Now, taking the World Crown, what I really think is important, believe in myself, appreciate all matters, do not give up to the end, no matter what happens. And at the root, I was able to realize that I will perform the performance to entertain the customers.

Thank you very much for @chazroyal and @bettyroseroyal . I am really really appreciate to perform at World Burlesque Games and really really proud of this title!!!! I still can’t believe it!!!!

And I really happy to see great performers in this night and very thankful for stage crew and kittens!!!! Love you guys!!!!!

And, very thankful for my partner @hibarbal . She also survived together. If I didn’t lost my passport and green card, she could come together. I wanted her to listen to my name at venue 👑 Thank you 👩‍👧


ヨーロッパ最大級のバーレスクの世界大会 “ World Burlesque Games “ にて、ワールドクラウンを受賞しました!優勝です!🏅🏆🥇昨年は準優勝で悔し涙を流した大会へのリベンジ、プレッシャーも大きかったですが、その分夢の様な充実感があります!



主催者の @chazroyal と @bettyroseroyal には本当に感謝です!この素晴らしい大会に出場させてくれて本当にありがとうございます😊


最後に。一緒にサバイブして来てくれた、@hibarbal 本当にありがとちゃん!帰ったら祝勝会やな笑笑 @ Shaw Theatre

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