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Cancer VS UmA ShAdow !!

I will definitely overcome cancer. I will live long.

Recently, a wonderful Burlesque friend began fighting cancer, another musician friend passed away by cancer and it was difficult for me to organize my own situation, so I was hesitant to notify. I became a cancer patient.

Several months after the physical disorder. I went to see the home doctor, and went to another facility to take a such as X-ray and Ultra Sound. And the result that it took about 2 months (took too much!) . A result : “ Neoplasm “

Home doctor sent results to a specialist. And as a result of examination by a specialist, it was cancer.

In May, I was diagnosed as a cancer patient.

Special doctor decided surgery date raised in early June at first, but need a more result of CT and have to get to approved from Insurance company for surgery. So that’s why to change the surgery date in end of July at the present moment. Depending on the course of the surgery, I am forming a schedule for rehabilitation in the direction to appear in the festival currently being booked. But, In some circumstances it is necessary to cancel. I am so sorry for everyone involved in the festival.

To Burlesque friends who we met again at BHoF 2018, I will live energetically so that we can see each other again every year until it becomes a grandpa! Thank you!


最近、素晴らしいバーレスク仲間が癌との戦いを始め、また別のミュージシャン仲間が癌により他界し、自身の状況を整理する事が難しかったので, 告知をする事を躊躇ったのですが、自分も癌患者となりました。

身体の不調から数ヶ月。ホームドクターに相談し、レントゲンやらウルトラサウンドなどを別の施設まで受けに行き、5月、約二ヶ月(かかり過ぎ!)かかって出た結果が, 腫瘍でした。そこから専門医に回され、出された結果が、悪性腫瘍: 癌でして。



BHoF2018で再会できたバーレスク仲間に、おじいになるまで, 毎年会えるよう、僕はエネルギッシュに生きてやります!宜しくお願いします!

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