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Re-borned 🌏 UmA ShAdow💋

Thank you to all for your prayers and good wishes💓💓💓

UmA ShAdow, reborn 💕 I came back🎉 Surgery finished safely, now is under rehabilitation❗️

After surgery, it hurts than I thought❗️ A criminal drama is a liar lol 😂 Got a Shot, people can not move so much! It hurts so much💦

For several days I could not move as I expected, it was frustrating. I realized again how valuable it is for health🙆‍♂️

Although the examination still remains, I believe that will head for a better direction in the future.😉

In a situation I have to cancel several shows that had been booked, I am truly sorry.

Restart from here❗️ I will return to the beginning and work hard and compete.

Thank you very much support me😘



帰ってきました、馬A車道! 無事に手術が終わりまして、現在リハビリ中です!

手術後は、思ったよりも痛かった笑笑 刑事ドラマは嘘つきだ笑笑 撃たれて、あんなに動ける訳ねーべよ笑笑 つうくらい痛くて笑笑

手術後、数日間は思うように動けず、もどかしかったです。健康の有難さを改めて実感致しました。 や まだまだ検査は残ってますが、今後、良い方向に向かって行くと信じています。


ここから再スタート! 初心に戻って切磋琢磨して行きますので、応援宜しくお願い致します📣

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